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Weyes Blood y su esotérico vídeo de “Wild Time”

Con líricas que nos proponen las interrogantes de un mundo destruido por el calentamiento global, Natalie Mering se adentra en un acontecimiento esotérico y muy terrenal para destellar “Wild Time”

Weyes Blood no cesa con su destello de propuestas artísticas que deslumbran conceptual, visual y muscialmente. Hoy nos muestra la contraparte esotérica y setentera de “Wild Time“, uno de sus singles de su más reciente obra maestra “Titanic Rising“.

Natalie mering a través de su Instagram nos explica un poco sobre el contexto y construcción de este vídeo, el cual une el elemento vital de su propuesta, el agua en una grabación en 16mm previo a la pandemia. Aquí su declaración completa junto con su vídeo en IGTV:


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Hey guys, hope you’re all hanging in there – here is a video for my song “Wild Time” that was shot on 16mm pre-Pandemic, then edited together during isolation. Felt like the right time to let this video out into the world, seeing as we’re all getting saddled down by some pretty grim realities. This song is about yearning for wildness and Mother Nature in a time of chaos. It’s for sensitive people who worry about the fate of humanity and feel powerless to do anything about it. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking apocalyptic thoughts and realizing that won’t get you anywhere. What if the world has always been ending? What if the sprawl of our cities are just as wild as the forests? What if climate change and the destruction of our natural habitat is a reflection of the nature within us, however sublimely horrifying and hard to understand? We’re animals, we play out a very precarious drama of life, and we grasp for what’s left of the protective womb – but maybe the notion that we’re somehow separated from her is an illusion. Maybe it is, truly, a wild time to be alive. Maybe getting in touch with that as a culture and society would avert the worst case scenarios of ecological crisis and existential dread. If you’ve gotten this far, wow, thank you for actually taking the time to read this. In other news, as you may have assumed, I am canceling all of my headline shows for 2020, but I’m beginning to work on my next album- a different time, when hopefully we can see each other face to face once again. Check out YouTube link in my bio to watch in 4K 💙 xo Natalie

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A continuación puedes ver el vídeo de “Wild Time” en su platarforma de Youtube.

Algunos dicen estar en la cancha, nosotros somos la cancha. #CanchaGeneral

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